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Payment Options

Only one prepaid card is allowed per customer account.

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First-time sales must be of $100.

Total : 

Approx.  000.000  BTC

Settlement Options and Limits

TruCash Prepaid Visa®1,2
(first load and reloads)

Min. Sale: $100
Max. Sale3: $2,500 4 ($100 for first card load)
Max Card Balance: $7,500 + reserve
Processing Time: 24 hours
Name, Phone, Address, DOB, ID (Canadian passport number, Canadian driver's license number or SIN)

Additional Details

  1. This card is owned and issued by DirectCash Bank pursuant to license by Visa International.
  2. See Cardholder Agreement for Terms and Conditions by logging into your TruCash account.
  3. The maximum sale is based on a 24-hour rolling period.
  4. The maximum balance of the TruCash Prepaid Visa® card is $7,500. Any settlement amount that exceeds the maximum balance of the card is kept on reserve by the prepaid card issuer and released at a maximum rate of $2,500 per business day as your card balance decreases below $7,500.