Sell Your Bitcoin.
Get a Prepaid Card1,2.

We buy your crypto and pay you with a reloadable prepaid card1,2.

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Sell Crypto

Fast and Simple

Sell Instacoin Direct your cryptocurrency and we’ll settle your payment with a TruCash Prepaid Visa® card1,2—no credit or bank check required.

Sell Crypto

Use your TruCash Prepaid Visa® card1,2 at merchants worldwide, wherever cards are accepted


Coming Soon!

Instacoin Direct is working towards offering you other options to settle your sale of crypto, including:

  • Gift Cards
  • Bill Payments
  • Email Money Transfer or Wire
  • Virtual Prepaid Cards and Vouchers

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Additional Details

  1. In Canada, the TruCash Prepaid Visa® card is issued by Home Trust Company pursuant to license by Visa Int./Home Trust Company, Licensed User.
  2. See Cardholder Agreement for Terms and Conditions by logging into your TruCash account.
  3. The maximum sale is based on a 24-hour rolling period.
  4. The maximum balance of the TruCash Prepaid Visa® card is $7,500. Any settlement amount that exceeds the maximum balance of the card is kept on reserve by the prepaid card issuer and released at a maximum rate of $2,500 per business day as your card balance decreases below $7,500.